Swift Digital Motions is a wholly owned Nigerian firm with our Head Office in Lagos, Nigeria. We offer state of the art indoor digital display screens for retail brands in order to provide retailers with low cost wireless digital signage solutions.

Our services include:

Digital Signage: An opportunity for companies, especially those with a significant number of locations across Nigeria to build a digital network of screens across their branches. Since we are able to remotely upload content on to our screens, we open up a world of digital solutions for retailers and their stakeholders.

Domestic Marketing Opportunity: An opportunity for companies interested in reaching out to a large number of customers at the point of purchase by marketing it’s products and services on any of our digital display screens strategically located in areas with high people traffic.

International Marketing Opportunity: An opportunity for Nigerian companies looking to reach an international audience to market their products and services on our digital display screens strategically located around the UK.

“With over 6500 patented screens all over the world, our international network of screens reaches about 50 million people each week.

Our goal as the operators of these state of the art digital display screens in Nigeria is to expand our network across the country to over 1000 screens by January 2017.”