Currently, we are in partnership with Amscreen. Amscreen is Europe’s largest, fastest growing Digital Outdoor Network

This flexible network of 6000 screens reaches 50 million adults globally each week. Amscreen offers clients one of the most flexible and reactive communication platforms available using intelligent digital signage. The solution offers affordable way to effectively communicate with customers and employees in real-time and using simple plug ‘n’ play technology. The solution can be utilised in a variety of sectors such as retail, automotive, hotels and healthcare, for a multitude of applications from digital menu boards and posters, to digital point of purchase fixtures and employee communication screens. All solutions are SIM enabled and use the cellular network for connectivity.

Our range of digital display screens include;

The DS24

The smallest screen available in our range, the DS24 offers an ‘up close and personal’ feel to communications, ideal for both customer-facing environments and employee engagement. The DS24 is highly suited to environments where people are in close vicinity of the screens such as:

  • Retail stores
  • Small sales desks/counters
  • Banks and building societies
  • Smaller staff rooms and break out areas
  • Hotel receptions
  • Petrol service stations
  • Self-service areas
  • Trade counters

The DS40

The DS40 screen is an extremely flexible platform for communicating with both customers and employees in larger environments, and areas where maximum impact is required. The DS40 can operate horizontally or vertically, and can also be combined to create panoramic, synchronised display boards. Suitable for larger environments such as:

  • Large retail outlets
  • Larger staff rooms and cafeterias
  • Restaurants and fast food establishments as menu boards
  • Automotive showrooms
  • Warehouses and manufacturing areas
  • Entertainment arenas
  • Gyms and clubs

The DS70 Outdoor

Amscreen’s 70” weatherproof screen will bring theatre and presence to any outdoor venue or large indoor area. Unlike many other large outdoor digital screens, the DS70 from Amscreen will display animated, engaging and even live content just like its smaller counterparts. Suitable for large scale settings such as:

  • Sports stadiums
  • Travel/transport stations
  • Grocery car parks
  • Retail parks
  • Entertainment arenas
  • Exhibition halls
  • Shopping centres
  • Leisure parks