OptimEyes face detection technology, powered by Quividi, is bringing digital signage into a new age of customer insight, measurability, campaign management and optimisation.

This revolutionary technology allows businesses to accurately measure in real time the type and volume of people that see their content in any given location and at any time of the day.

  • Accurate, minute by minute traffic flow data to ascertain key busy periods
  • Live and location based audience analyses
  • Demographic breakdown – not just total audience
  • Actual (not modelled) post campaign audience delivery review
  • Opportunity to optimise campaign schedules at any point of the campaign
  • Creative testing to determine those ads that are most effective at gaining attention from the chosen audience.

The OptimEyes face detection system works via an inbuilt camera in each screen which detects individuals within its local vicinity and then identifies some key traits through the detection software. This software is able to identify, measure and then combine the following characteristics for a more complete picture of the audience:

  • Number of possible viewers
  • Number of actual viewers
  • Age
  • Gender
  • Location
  • Time

Key Figures – Data Metrics and analytics

Through Optimeyes technology, we are able to analyse a range of information per screen, and store them on our Cloud Management System (CMS). This information is available for particular locations and particular campaigns that have been run on our screens. This information can be provided to clients and partners when required.


Automatic day, time and location specific scheduling – down to the minute


Send content updates to screens within minutes – immediate responsiveness.


Display live, real-time content feeds to keep screens fresh and noticeable.


Equipped with OptimEyes audience measurement technology.


Low cost monthly rental options – avoid cap ex.


Easy installation and operation with no I.T. set up – just supply power.