Geofencing FAQ

No. Your geofence can be any size, but if it is too big, you will risk wasting advertising spend and losing the advantage of geofences – localised targeting; if it is too small, you risk not delivering your ads to enough people. Be intentional about the size of the geofence.

Each campaign can have a maximum of 10 (TEN) geofences. Each geofence can be of varying sizes, with the smallest having an area of 25 square feet. For longer campaigns (more than 30 days), we can increase the number of geofences

Yes. We recommend a variety of sizes to serve ads on desktop, mobile and tablet. We can help you with this for a fee, or you create yours

Yes. Unique creatives can be attached to different geofences. This means that people will only see the creatives attached to the geofences that they interact with.

Your geofencing campaigns will run for 30 days, minimum. For event-based campaigns, we can offer more flexible minimum durations to cater to specific needs.

We can track your ad performance (conversions) based on different metrics such as phone calls, foot traffic to your locations, sales, and website engagement.

We have a network of over 600,000 apps and websites that can serve your ads. Your ads are shown more on apps and websites that increase chances of success over time, as the platform learns what is effective from any registered engagements.

We are able to serve our programmatic based by integrating with multiple advertising networks, which don’t factor offer any discounts. However, for long term campaigns, they can be considered.

Digital Signage FAQ

Signage screens can showcase images, videos, animations, RSS Feeds, websites & live social media feeds.

All solutions are connected to the internet, allowing full access. Content that is uploaded and stored on the cloud is easily downloaded onto the screens/players.

Commercial signage is designed to centralize communications between your organizations and your devices. Take advantage of award winning devices, ease of use, scalability, efficiency and flexibility that are not possible with use of regular TV sets. These devices are created so that you can begin to rely more on your signage capabilities.

Absolutely. Our digital signage platform allows integration into many existing software solutions such as e-POS, web applications and more via the use of APIs and JavaScript, allowing you to build limitless experiences