Delivering digital ads to your target audience based on their physical location

How does Geofencing work?

Let’s take you through the 4 steps

First, we identify a target location, and create a virtual geofence around the target location.

When customers walk into the geofenced location, our GPS technology captures their device ID [if location services on their mobile device or app is enabled].

The mobile device is added to our retargeting pool, which means that you can serve your ads to that person across thousands of mobile apps and websites for up to 30 days, even after they have left the geofence.

Finally, we will track and report the total number of digital adverts delivered, total number of clicks, and conversions – those who walk into a physicl location after seeing ad

We can serve static banner adverts, GIFs, video adverts directly to people in very precise locations.


Industries that can benefit from geofencing:

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At Home

At Work

At a Shopping Mall

At an Event

At a Bus Stop


Geofencing strategies

Let us take you through the different ways to effectively use geofencing

Addressable Geofencing

Target your customers based on their home or work addresses, and deliver digital ads to them.


Advertise to your customers when they visit competitor locations.

Complement Out-of-home Advertising

Link your offline and online marketing efforts by using geofencing to increase customer engagement with your out of home advertising.

Customer Database

Get your customers to sign up to your database through geofenced adverts that offer them promotions and discounts while shopping.

Let us take you through the different ways to effectively use geofencing

For our first ever geofencing campaign in Nigeria, we delivered 125,000 impressions over 30 days across locations in Lagos, Abuja, Kano, and Enugu.

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