5 Ways Geofencing Can Help You Engage With Customers

5Ways Geofencing Can Help You Engage With Customers

In this article, we talk about Geofencing Marketing and 5 (five) ways that it can help you engage with customers. It can become an effective tool to help drive engagement and lift sales. To discuss how geofencing can help your business today, please contact Swift Digital Motions here or by sending an email to info@sdmotions.com.

What Is Geofencing Marketing?

Geofencing marketing is any type of digital marketing technology that targets people based on their physical location. By using technologies like GPS, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi, you can now serve ads to people based on their exact locations. At SDMotions, we can set up your geofences to regions as small as 5 square metres or as large as a city.

There are many options once you begin to use precise locations in your advertising. Geofencing Marketing can become a way to for emerging and established brands to build engagement that complements the real world customer journey. For example, what buying intent does a supermarket visit signal? What audience demographics are you able to target a university, for instance? Where do your customers spend their time? These are the questions that can help you build a robust geofencing strategy and can lead to an effective geofencing marketing campaign.

Here are Five (5) ways Geofencing Marketing can help you engage with customers

Personalised/Well-Targeted Ads

It makes it easy to serve more ‘local’ versions of ads, making them more engaging. When you make your content, including advertising, more personal, there is usually a significant increase in engagement. Research has shown that customers do want more personalised ads, so there is more incentive for organisations to make their adverts feel more contextual. Geofencing is a great way to do this. For example, referencing a restaurant with many locations can have unique content for each location.

Simple Set-Up

Digital engagement and marketing can be a very technical endeavour for a lot of organisations, especially SMEs. At Swift Digital Motions, we have made our application of geofencing marketing as easy as possible to set-up and implement. Right now, all we need are your creatives, marketing objectives and the locations you want to target. With these, we can help you create robust geofencing campaigns.

Flexible Implementations

Geofencing can works best as part of a balanced marketing mix. Companies that employ multi-channel marketing have a much higher chance of converting clients. By adding Geofencing Marketing to other kinds of online and offline marketing activities, you can get great results. From OOH advertising and social media campaigns to events and product activations. As an example, by building a geofence near your OOH billboards and lamp posts, you can increase ad awareness and recall. Geofencing complements multi-channel marketing efforts.

Cross-Device Delivery

With our geofencing, people do not need to download any app on their devices. Our ads are delivered though a network of over 600,000 apps and websites. The ads can show even after switching apps and websites. Your adverts are not attached to any particular device. It works equally well on Android and iOS. We also use multiple sizes of the ads, to account for different device sizes.

Robust Feedback and Analysis

As you run your geofencing campaigns, you will have access to a whole host of insights. For example, you will see which locations, phone apps and websites are delivering the most traffic to your landing page. You can see conversions and other engagement metrics. This adds more context to your customer journey and provides information that makes your ad spend more efficient.

Do you think geofencing marketing can help you engage with your customer? Is Geofencing marketing relevant to your business? Feel free to reach out to us today!