Four Ways Digital Signage will Help Increase your Profits

Four Ways Digital Signage will Help Increase your Profits

Digital signage is the use of digital screens to display various kinds of information. The screens can range from tablets and kiosks to televisions and LED boards. You can show wayfinding information, adverts, promotional content and even news. At Swift Digital Motions, we help organisations create a reliable, affordable and scalable digital signage network for internal or external use. For more information, you can email us at or contact us ‘here’.

If you have significant foot traffic (this is common in industries such as retail, banking, quick service restaurants), it is a great tool to help increase your profits!

Here are 4 ways digital signage can help your organisations increase is revenue today

With digital signage, you can showcase promotions, products and services

You can use digital signage for promotions in order to boost sales. This could be a promoting a special lunch-time meal deal to all your customers. It could be showing product reviews from satisfied customers or influencers. This is easily done and will boost spending. We have shown up to 40% sales lift when using digital signage to promote products at a retail outlet. It is a proven and effective strategy, especially in FMCGs and QSRs. This is because it is very easy to act on the call-to-action. You will increase the amount of money people spend in your locations .

Increase the amount of traffic in your store

When done very well, it is an attractor for many outlets. Modern customers expect technology to be a part of their consumer experience, and reward organisations or catering to this desire. You can help create an immersive, interactive experience powered by digital signage. As a result, you will increase customer curiosity, boost traffic, create more memorable experiences and promote spending. It can even be a simple digital display at a shop window front that can help drive these results

Digital signage can provide an additional revenue stream

Selling space on your screens is a great way to increase revenue and profit. You can highlight third party brands and services across your locations, and this is very valuable. A health service provider that offers health insurance can pay money to advertise at a chain of pharmacies. The content can be sent in a matter of minutes. If you have high foot traffic, this can become a very healthy source of revenue

You can reduce costs and save money with digital signage

Over time, digital signage has been shown to reduce costs for companies. While the initial upfront investment can be high, the savings from reduction in printing marketing materials and its flexibility begins to accrue. Instead of printing new promotional material for a new seasonal sale, an outlet can simply update its content in minutes.

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