Four Ways Geofencing will Help the Real Estate Industry

Geofencing marketing is a digital marketing tool that allows you to serve programmatic ads to people based on their GPS locations. We will see how adding geofencing into your marketing mix can be beneficial to the real estate sector. For more information, you can email us at or contact us ‘here’.

Digital marketing strategy changes quickly across sectors and verticals. The real estate sector is unique because of the very high value of homes. People are making decisions that will have a major impact on the quality of their lives, for possible decades. Even with increasing evidence of multi-home ownership, the majority of home owners and buyers (about 90%) will have one property in their lifetimes. Therefore, the choice of home is an incredibly important decision for most people. A singular decision can take many months before it is made.

There are also factors like location, financing, safety and more to consider. Home buyers will continue to research and enquire until they are comfortable. They will speak to family, friends, lawyers, agents and more. It is very important for companies in the real estate industry to be factor all this in their marketing plans. All these alter the normal customer acquisition paths

Here are three ways geofencing can give companies an edge in the real estate industry.

Goefencing can Reach Your Audience at Multiple Touch Points

In today’s digital age, the customer acquisition journey is complicated. Due to multiple gadgets, platforms and applications, tracking customers isn’t always easy. With SDMotions, our geofencing marketing platform has cross-platform advert delivery. You can reach your customers via a network of over 600,000 apps and websites. This means that your target audience do not need to change their existing habits. As a result, you gain access to them without much disruption.

For Real Estate, Stay Close and Get Local

When using geofencing for real estate marketing, the ability to market locally is one of the most effective tactics to us.. It is a great way to target your ideal audience. SDMotions geofencing technology allows for fences as small as 25 square feet, allowing you to even shape the contours of buildings and define very specific targets. So, when you are looking to promote a new apartment complex, for example, you can geofence the nearby malls, offices, and event centres in the area. In addition, if you are looking to generate new leads, you can geofence the listings of your competition, as well their offices. This can influence an audience already in the market for property to look at your listings, as well, and lead to conversions

Understanding Online And Offline Behaviour

The key to any marketing is understanding consumer behaviour. In practice, this will cover both the online and offline habits. Painting a picture of your clients habits and actions will give the needed insight for success. SDMotions geofencing platform can help factor in offline behaviour, namely location, into their online activity. If you are selling luxury homes and apartments, why waste ad spend at a market or a low income neighbourhood? You can target the existing high-income neighbourhoods, sports clubs, luxury shopping malls and more. Organisations will spend ad money more efficiently because it is more targeted.

Optimise your marketing KPIs for Real Estate

Geofencing allows you to track KPIs that are related to the real estate industry. By measuring ‘Walk-In Conversions’, you can track how many members of your audience saw your ad and visited a location. That is to say, you can tie how many people saw your ad and visited your office or an apartment complex. You can also track conversions like phonecalls, website visits, form submissions and even downloads. You can optimise your content and strategy to take advantage of these features of geofencing marketing and measure the effectiveness of your campaigns. Above all, it will depend on your specific marketing objectives

If you want to hear more about how Geofencing Marketing can help your organisation grow, please feel free to get in touch with us!