Upsell your products and boost sales through the use of the platform. Digital, dynamic and even interactive displays allow you to show an incredible variety of up-to-date content to potential customers which can influence their decision to make purchases. This platform allows you to manage customer waiting time by keeping them engaged with digital display contents. Digital signage from SD Motions is the perfect solution for communicating with customers as well as providing unique audience analytics from OptimEyes.

Hotel & Travel
Technology is advancing and guests need to have information in real-time. Digital Signage gives you this benefit. By displaying engaging contents in coffee lounges, restaurants as digital menu boards or by concierge desks, screens are an ideal platform for communicating with guests who are constantly in and out of the hotel.  Also display flight Schedules across airports and tourist sites for international hotels customers.

Engage with customers who walk into your bus terminal on a daily basis be it through digital menu boards, free standing display unit or the video wall

Placed in the waiting area of medical facilities, this platform can be used to deliver emergency messages and educate hospital visitors on health related issues and preventive for diseases using graphic images and videos.

Schools, institutions and corporations have realized that digital signage is an effective way to inform. School management can make the most out of communicating through a digital medium. Our digital screens can be used as a bulletin board and menu systems.

Digital signage in restaurants can reduce perceived wait times. It is also a great platform for building client engagement and upselling using targeted content.

Automotive companies can improve brand awareness, customer experience and increase sales and encourage return visits by sharing special promotions and offers.

Take advantage of our network of screens to expose your business to our increasing number of viewers. Thanks to ‘OptimEyes’ technology on our digital display screens, we will be able to provide gender and age demographics numbers such as total number of viewers per day, % of male viewers vs. % of female viewers, and % of children vs. % of adults.