What we do?
Digital signage is the showcasing of multimedia content on a display unit such as an LCD screen, computer monitor, tablets or a video wall composed of multiple screens to deliver informative and entertaining content to employees, customers, visitors and captive audiences.

An opportunity for companies, especially those with a significant number of locations across Nigeria to build a digital network of screens across their branches. Since we are able to remotely upload content on to our screens, we open up a world of digital solutions for retailers and their stakeholders.

An opportunity for companies interested in reaching out to a large number of customers at the point of purchase by marketing it’s products and services on any of our digital display screens strategically located in areas with high people traffic.

An opportunity for Nigerian companies looking to reach an international audience to market their products and services on our digital display screens strategically located around the UK.

How We Can Help You

SDMotions provides a range of indoor and outdoor digital signage solutions for different kinds of businesses from banks, restaurants, airports and pharmaceutical outlets to major shopping malls.


Cost Effective

We provide a significantly cheaper option than investing in brand new signage screens and infrastructure


It offers more flexibility with regards to the kind of content to be displayed onto the screens.

Easy To Edit

It is also easier to edit and create content within our SignStix platform. You will be able to update some content without leaving the platform or using extra software.

Easy To Use

The platform is very easy to use. The whole network can be managed by a very small team, ensuring that content always adheres to company guidelines

After-Sale Support

It is easier to provide after-sales support if there are any issues with TV screens, as those can be sourced locally.
Latest Tech

Onsite SEO

Our SignStix platform allows for sound, which increases flexibility of your signage applications.