What is it about?

Signstix Player – The compact 4K SignStix Player is easy to configure, minimising the time it takes for you to get up and running and start engaging with customers

It allows you to convert any screen with an HDMI input into a signage screen. The player has been built as a tiny, solid-state device with only two cables, HDMI and 5V (USB) power. There are no moving parts and no maintenance required, helping to keep your costs to an absolute minimum.


The Player supports 4K video walls out-of-the-box; the system supports pre-processed video slicing that independently fits video wall content to each frame and is synchronised to provide real-time playback. This results in vastly lower cost, lower package usage and minimal complexity, making any video wall a viable, scalable option. The Player also comprises an Android-based OpenGL graphics engine for high performance animation, so you’ll always benefit from impressive results on any display.

Signstix Creator
Designed with usability and simplicity at its core, SignStix Creator allows you to create engaging content and high quality interactive displays. This intuitive tool incorporates drag-and-drop functionality for a hassle-free user experience, meaning there’s no technical knowledge required.  SignStix Creator can be accessed online, avoiding the need for downloading software to your desktop. It offers familiar features such as media and layer management libraries, all designed to improve workflow.