Corporate/ Internal Communication
This platform allows you to connect with your audiences using live video and picture communications within or across your business branches and deliver timely and impactful information. This enables you to display new product launches or company-wide announcements.

Implement department-specific screens around the office; display tasks lists and project    updates to project/account managers and deploy incentivized sales targets to screens that are visible to your sales and marketing departments.


Corporate Trainings
Our platforms enables you to stream live training sessions across different branches and save cost expended in travel and accommodation of staff.


Use our platform to digitally guide visitors and guests or customers across your building.


Interactive sessions with clients and customers
Imagine owning your own live wall. You can keep customers engaged while attending to their needs. Social media provides for a more personal, customizable way to get viewers involved through your display. You can pull feeds from Instagram and Twitter and allow customers to instantly see their post hit the screen.

Menu Boards
Digital Menu Boards are a cost-effective solution that allows you to keep your prices and promotions up-to-date and influence buyer decision at the point of sales. Our template library presents you with an array of colourful designs to keep your audience interested in constantly refreshed updates.

Video Walls
Enhance customer experience and bottom-line by using our video walls to display dynamic content (high quality video and motion graphics).