An innovative digital marketing tool that allows you to retarget and deliver digital ads to your website visitors.

How does Website Retargeting work?

Let’s take you through the 4 steps

Let’s say you are a real estate company that rents apartments in Lekki.

A customer searching for a new rental visits your website, and several other similar websites, but is still undecided.

Once they visit your website, they are added to a retargeting pool.

This allows us serve your ads to them while they visit other websites, including websites that belong to your competitors!

“The best audience to target are those who have shown interest in you already”

We can serve static banner adverts, GIFs, video adverts directly to people in very precise locations.


Industries that can benefit from website retargeting

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At Home

At Work

At a Shopping Mall

At an Event

At a Bus Stop


Website retargeting strategies

Let us take you through the different ways to effectively use website retargeting

Brand awareness

Lead generation

Online sales

Social media retargeting

Geofencing + website retargeting

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