Why Choose Us?
We are experienced in digital indoor advertising and have worked with locations such as Federal Inland Revenue Service, Shoprite, Sweet Sensation and Medplus to take care of their digital signage needs.

What We Offer

Digital Signage Agency in West Africa, increasing our scope, solutions and technology To Retail Outlets, Schools, Government Agencies, Hotel & Travel and more.


Solutions are installed and mounted at our client’s preferred locations

Content Design

Help design content based on strategic objectives of your company

Training for CDS

Train staff to update information with the content development system of each solution


Our technicians are a phone call away for any technical difficulties experienced during operation

Data Report

Sending reports about screen performance and information and feedback.
Best Signage Agency in
With our digital display screens, fully integrated content management systems, integrated signage networks, video walls, and low latency content delivery system, we are able to encourage enterprise communication and collaboration.
Swift Digital Motions’ solutions are affordable, scalable, easy to deploy and will help you unleash the power of digital signage across your organisations
Upsell your products and boost sales through the use of the platform. Digital, dynamic and even interactive displays allow you to show an incredible variety of up-to-date content to potential customers which can influence their decision to make purchases.
Engage with customers who walk into your bus terminal on a daily basis be it through digital menu boards, free standing display unit or the video wall.
Hotel & Travel
By displaying engaging contents in coffee lounges, restaurants as digital menu boards or by concierge desks, screens are an ideal platform for communicating with guests who are constantly in and out of the hotel.
Placed in the waiting area of medical facilities, this platform can be used to deliver emergency messages and educate hospital visitors on health related issues and preventive for diseases using graphic images and videos.

Partnering with the best to deliver the best

SDMotions, in partnership with SignStix UK, is pleased to bring to you the latest technology in digital media screens.  Our DS24, DS40 and DS70 screen are equipped with a host of desirable features, as well as the latest in facial detection software to help track performance.

Get Your Business Awareness Optimized, Engaging & Converting Right Now

Why Choose SDMotions?
SDMotions provides a range of indoor and outdoor digital signage solutions for different kinds of businesses from banks, restaurants, airports and pharmaceutical outlets to major shopping malls.

Adaptive Technology

Our digital signage solution can work with any existing TV screen to convert it to a reactive signage display

Cost Effective

Our numerous products and service options are significantly cheaper when compared to various other options
  • Optimize Sales
  • Attractive
  • low-cost
  • Engaging
  • Latest Tech